Protector Eye Pads (Refectocil - Silicone) - 1 Pair


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The innovative Refectocil Silicone Eye Pads make eyelash tinting or perming as simple as never before! They facilitate eyelash tinting or perming considerably and increase the profitability in your salon, and the treatment becomes more comfortable for the clients. Refectocil Silicone Pads are self-adhesive and anti-slip and the soft silicone perfectly adjusts to every eye form. The pads are 100% impermeable and can be used up to 100 times. After each application they have to be cleansed with water and non greasy soap, then they are immediately ready for reuse.

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Shipping Measurements
Packaging: 7.5cm x 7cm x 0.3cm, 0.01kg

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