Makeup Classes with the Pro's

May 13, 2017

At Latonas, it's no secret that we love everything Makeup, and we love sharing everything we know with our clients even more.

One of the biggest questions we get asked is, which foundation should I use?

Our best tips include:

1. Choose the right finish for your skin type whether it's matte, dewy, sheer, full coverage...

2. Get colour matched professionally. Foundation should look like your skin. 

3. Have a separate foundation for your everyday wear and your evening or special occasion wear.

To find out more about this topic, plus many more such as:

. How to get your skin to be the best canvas for your makeup

. What type of primer to use and how

. How to look naturally flawless

. How and where to use concealer

. How to contour

. How to highlight at any age

. How to make your eyes pop

. How to do a smokey eye to suit your eye shape

Your should come to our “Back to Basics 101”  and "All about Eyes" demo nights. 

Get the girls together and make a night of it!

Receive free gifts!

Let the professionals demonstrate how to and give personal, professional and friendly advice.


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